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Crack open the champagne - we're pregnant!

Well...actually it will be Prosecco and when I say 'we', I mean the goats! Steve from West Wales Scanning came this morning to scan our new ladies who we were hoping were in kid. First to be scanned was Toffee who is one of our Boer x Anglo Nubians.. whilst we were of course hoping for a yes, we were a bit gobsmacked when Steve said 3, maybe 4! Next up was her sister Caramel...3! OMG! Another 3 are carrying twins and the last two of the new girls are pregnant but will another scan in 30 days to confirm numbers. So all 7 of our new girls are expecting (the 8th is LJ who is only a baby) - we didn't think the news could get much better... Although very early, Steve scanned our two ladies Gloria

Stocking Up

We have been continually on the lookout for additional lady goats, but it was beginning to look like we would not see many more until next year now. Boer goats for sale is not a terribly common thing as most of these herds are being kept for meat, so commonly the ladies are kept in the herd, and the boys will be raised to slaughter weight. Young females for sale are slightly more common, and it was an advert for these that caught my attention. I was very nearly too late as there was only one 2016 doe left, and it was going to take a 2-day road trip to Norfolk to get her. My luck was in though, as I had contacted Beckie just as they were considering advertising a few of their older girls du

Feet and all the trimmings!

After a lovely weekend with Dave's daughter Bex and her boyfriend Conor, it was back to work today - the ladies needed their feet trimming and a round of vaccinations required for all. Armed with trusty shears and helpful diagram we set about the feet - the youngsters weren't so bad, however our more mature ladies Gloria and Tiggy were in a rather shocking state and we will have to have a few more goes to get them right. Happily however, no sign of foot rot - goats are a martyr to their feet. Emperor's feet were inspected but no surprise - having come from Moat Goats who do things properly, his were ship shape and bristol fashion. Vaccinations were easier - the older the goats are the less t

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