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First Fronrhydd Babies!

The gestation period for a goat is 150 days...which is great if you know the serve date (i.e., when a mummy and daddy love each other very much, yar de yar..) We only had month approximations for the small herd we bought from Norfolk and even then it was the month the buck was first put in with the ladies - they don't of course always conceive on their first 'date'. So, we've been on standby for our first two does (Gemini and JuJu) for a month, looking for physical indicators which include a floppy tail, bagging up (udder filling), calling, restlessness and mucus from what Dave calls the 'bottom bottom' but I think we'll go with 'Hoo Hoo'! Gemini started to bag up about 4 days ago but her Ho

New Year, New 'To Do' List

Some things never change, I've always been a list writer - there is something about that satisfaction of marking a task as complete... even though you've probably added another 5 to replace it! This week's list is: 1. Source and order hurdles, buckets and holders for kidding pens 2. Cut down autumn raspberry canes 3. Skip out the barn 4. Plan allotment and seed requirement 5. Re-paint living room 6. Order new hall/stair carpet 7. Vaccinate mum's-to-be 8. Put up year planner! 9. Weigh the youngsters 10. Chase up the builders 11. Collect Goat and Pig food We've managed 5 out of the 11 so far.. sadly none of them big jobs...really must skip out the barn tomorrow. One of my first tasks of the ye

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