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Goats for Sale

If you are new to Goat Keeping, you may want to have a look at 'Goat Keeping' on the file share page.  Depending on your particular plans, there are many and varied things to consider before committing to a life with this livestock.  Whether 2 pets, or a whole herd, the same rules apply.

We are a 'commercial' herd, and as such we do not subscribe to any health status schemes.  However, to safe guard the health of our herd, it has been closed for some time now, except for a buck we bought in 2019 who was kept in isolation until we were satisfied he was ok.  We have had no known cases of infectious disease on our holding, or in the immediate area around us, though can not offer guarantees to this effect of course.


Again, being a commercial meat herd, we have registered our goats with the British Boer and Meat Goat Association (BBMGA).  Many of the herd of Does (female goats) have a dairy breed or Cashmere in their lines, so will not be pure Boer goats themselves.  The Boer gives a quality, sturdy meat animal, and the dairy cross tends to give strong kids, often quicker growing than a pure Boer.  The Cashmere was bred in to make the particular lines more suited to living outside all year.


If you have a particular plan in mind please do get in touch as we will see if we can come up with a solution that suits you.  Our stock availability changes from month to month, so we will ask you for your plans first, before we go into details of the ones we feel would suit your needs.  When enquiring, please do give as much detail as possible of your plans or intentions, in that way we can be sure not to waste each-others time.

Prices will vary depending on age and sex, but you can expect the prices to be between £200 and £300 per head for the girls.  A proven Buck will be £350 upwards depending on age, experience and pedigree.

Preferred payment methods are Cash or Bank Transfer (prior to collection).  If you prefer to pay by Credit Card, 2% will be added to the bill to cover card payment charges.  Deliveries can be arranged - these will be charged depending on distance.


Please do contact us once you have an idea of what you want.  Or if you have no idea yet, then please feel free to ask any questions.

Current Availability


We are not advertising any specific animals for sale right now, but if you have a requirement for a small number of goats, please do get in touch and we will see if we can help.

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