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For financial reasons we are making a significant reduction in the numbers of goats we are keeping.  We are happy to discuss the sale of any of our herd at this time.  Please check our advert on SellMyLivestock for details.

Long term we are not able to keep the numbers we have to the standard we work to, so have made this difficult decision for the goats welfare. 

If you are new to Goat Keeping, you may want to have a look at 'Goat Keeping' on the file share page.  Depending on your particular plans, there are many and varied things to consider before committing to a life with livestock.  Whether 2 pets, or a whole herd, the same rules apply.

We are a 'commercial' herd, and as such we do not subscribe to any health status schemes.  However, to safe guard the health of our herd, it has been closed for some time now, except for a buck we bought in 2019 who was kept in isolation until we were satisfied he was ok.  We have had no known cases of infectious disease on our holding, or in the immediate area around us, though can not offer guarantees to this effect of course.


Again, being a commercial meat herd, we do not routinely register goats with the British Boer Goat Society (BBGS), though many of ours are.  All goats bred here do come from a pure Boer Buck (the male), so can be registered with the BBGS (at the buyers cost) if required.  Many of the herd of Does (female goats) have a dairy breed or Cashmere in their lines, so will not be pure Boer goats themselves.  The Boer gives a quality, sturdy meat animal, and the dairy cross tends to give strong kids, usually quicker growing than a pure Boer.  The Cashmere was bred in to make the particular lines more suited to living outside all year.


If you have a particular plan in mind please do get in touch as we may be able to come up with a solution.  Our stock availability changes from month to month, so we will ask you for your plans first, before we go into details of the ones we feel would suit your needs.  When enquiring, please do give as much detail as possible of your plans or intentions, in that way we can be sure not to waste each-others time.

Prices will vary depending on age and sex, but you can expect the prices to be between £150 and £250 per head for the girls.  A Buck will be £200 upwards depending on age, experience and pedigree.


Please do contact us once you have an idea of what you want.  Or if you have no idea yet, then please feel free to ask any questions.


We have bucklings (young entire boys) available.  They are not registered with the BBGS, but will make great additions to a commercial herd.   Being young, they are un-proven of course, but you can expect them to be able to start working at around 9 months.

We also have one proven older Buck available currently.

Fronhydd Shag

Born July 2019 to our second Buck, Kaiser.  Coedwig Kaiser was bought as a youngster and has developed into a fine young man, sharing the responsibility for development of the herd.  Shag is a friendly young man who has developed well in the last few months.


Coedwig Kaiser

We bought Kaiser as a young un-proven boy back in 2017.  He has grown into a fine looking buck and has given us over 50 kids.  We have a home-grown youngster now who has been with his first small group of ladies, so the time have come to mix up our gene pool.

The Girls

We have a small number of young girls available now, born early 2020,  plus some more (younger still) recently weaned from their mums.


If you are looking for experienced Does, or looking for Does In Kid, please do contact us as we do have girls that are pregnant or recently kidded at most times - it will only be small numbers if we do though.  We will never sell on Does that have had problem kiddings, or trouble raising their kids.  We do not sell Does in the last month of their pregnancy, or until a month after giving birth. 

If you want to start from scratch with a group of young girls, or want to introduce some different genes into your herd, we have a good number of young girls available that were born in 2020.  For guidance, we would recommend waiting until the girls are around 18 months old (and in good condition) before putting them in with a Buck for the first time.

To sum up

Once you have told us the sort of thing you are looking for, we will be happy to come up with a list of suggestions.  We can provide pedigree & progeny details and individual photos (if you want them) once we understand your plans.

Better still, if you can get to South West Wales, we would much prefer you had a look at everyone first, before committing to any.

You can contact us here, or via the email/phone number at the foot of the page.


Fronrhydd, Letterston, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire

 SA62 5TL

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