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Customers love our goats, our meat and our service.  Have a look at a few of the reviews below.

Nicola, Adam and family

Dear Dave and Debbi,

I would like to say a heartfelt thank you for the beautiful 6 girls we got from you. Trouble is thank you doesn’t seem enough to convey the way we feel. 


Having met you in our searches in discovering what we’d like to put on our new farm, we knew immediately that we would only want to get our goats from you both. 


There’s many reasons for this, our first ever roast leg of goat from you tasted amazing and we were converted immediately, but the level of care, welfare and love you bestow on your herd is beyond anything we could have hoped to have found. 


We kept in touch whilst waiting for over a year to complete on our farm, and during that time getting to know 2 thoroughly committed smallholders was a complete joy, there has been much to learn, yet you imparted your knowledge almost as eagerly as we drank it in. 


I can honestly say that your enthusiasm and commitment to your smallholding, along with the level of care to your animals is inspiring, but the effort support and care you have taken with us and our autistic 17yr old has been transformative he has flourished and getting the girls has quite literally changed his life! How do you thank someone for that?? 


I know it’s only going to be a matter of time before we add to our herd and that when the time comes they will have to be from you both. 


The goats are strong, healthy and simply stunning, although their level of interest and love they give back is a complete result of their upbringing with you.


You have given us the tools, confidence and we know we have a lifetime of support from you to enable us to grow our own herd, and I’d be proud if we managed to get such great results. Although I doubt anyone could do it any better than you. 


As for our son, where do I start? He’s no longer reclusive and he’s bonded with his goats, who simply adore him. It’s been a joy to see the difference in him they’ve made and they’ve quite simply given him a future beyond his computer which we’ve never dreamed of before. 


Thanks will never be enough so we strive to aspire to raising our herd as best we can, in the knowledge that we are not alone. It really doesn’t get better than that!


The best goat meat you will ever try. I highly recommend the steaks 👌


Another perfect delivery by APC from Church Hillbilly.  The Woolcool packaging isn't just full of green credentials, it's really effective too.

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