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Woolcool Insulated Packaging

We researched a number of options when looking for packaging suitable for shipping our quality meat product across the UK. 


Obviously the most important element to consider was to ensure we got the product to you, the customer, in perfect condition.  In addition to this we were also keen to utilise packaging that was as environmentally friendly as possible.

We looked at foil and polystyrene insulated boxes, but eliminated these because of the amount of waste generated.

We then found the Woolcool range, supplied by 3R Packaging Solutions in the UK, and it is their products that you will receive your deliveries in.

The insulation is sheeps wool (the clue is in the name!), which is thoroughly cleaned before being packed into recyclable liners.  If you receive a small order in a pouch, the plastic bag can be recycled, as can the cardboard boxes used for larger orders.  The wool and the cardboard is biodegradable and compostable. You can also re-freeze and re-use the gel packs included in the packaging.

A benefit we didn't see at first, but is significant all the same, is that making use of the wool provides UK sheep farmers with a revenue stream for the fleeces.  The value of these has dropped dramatically over the years as people stop wearing pure wool clothing, so it it good to see a new and innovative use for the product.  All the Woolcool products are manufactured in the UK, as are all of our Goats! 

The wool insulation itself can also be re-used.  Some of the imaginative ideas for that so far include:

  • Keep your picnics cool

  • Composting

  • Garden kneeling pad

  • Bird nesting material

  • Pipe lagging

  • Draught Excluder

  • Keep takeaways warm

  • Stuffing cushions

  • Hanging basket liners

We'd love to hear of any other ideas

Further information on the Woolcool products can be found on the following factsheet.

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