Locally Produced Quality

We have received the highest rating possible for our facilities and process' related to the sale of the meat, so you can have confidence that the product received will be in the best possible condition.

We have been accepted into the Pembrokeshire Produce scheme.  This is a Council run scheme that promotes local businesses that utilise local resources wherever possible.  We will be looking to expand our involvement in future, as we get a more regular supply of fresh meat available to the consumer.


Shopping for Goat Meat

The diagram gives an idea of where the basic cuts come from.  If a more complex cut is offered, we will explain it further in the individual description.

As well as the joints, diced, minced & sausage packs are available.

Price Lists

Most of the goat meat available will be Kid Meat from goats around a year old.

If you are wanting to order a 1/2 goat (or more), butchered to your own preference, please Contact Us to discuss this.

Goat   Meat prices


Fronrhydd, Letterston, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire

 SA62 5TL

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