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First (Human) Visitors

Dave and I felt like Christmas had come early - hand delivered by our friends Neil, Danni and little Indi. First let me explain - Neil and Danni also used to work at GSK, before they left they bought a small holding in ... yep.. Wales. When Dave and I were here on holiday last year we went to visit them and got talking about the 'Good Life' and well, the rest is history and the act of giving up the corporate life and moving to a small holding is now known at GSK as "Doing a Hambo." (Neil's surname). So the three musketeers arrived late morning with their 4x4 stuffed with presents for us - for anyone (in the UK) old enough to remember - here is our very own Generation Game conveyor belt: a c

First Visitors

The swallows are back to renew their summer lease on the Potting Shed. The Heart shaped hole in the door is their entrance. They really should make up their minds where they want to live. Travelling back and forth to North Africa every year seems a little excessive to me. But how do they do that? Not just making the journey itself, but to return to a Potting Shed at a house in Wales thousands of miles away never ceases to amaze me. Question now is, what names do we give them?

The New World Order - Days 1 to 4

Thursday 21 April - Day 1 - Loading Benington into a truck! We have spent the last week or two boxing everything up as carefully and sensibly as possible. Now it was time for the lads to arrive with the truck and take over. First time I'd seen the truck, and now thankful we had booked a companion van as I'm sure that thing will not get up the track to Fronrhydd. It was an emotional day starting with Andrea (house opposite) in tears as she said her goodbyes, Sarah (next door) refusing to say goodbye because she didn't want to do the same, and a fond farewell and house-warming gift from Karen, our other next door neighbour. It was sad to leave such lovely people behind, but I'm sure we will

Last Day

The past couple of months have been such a whirlwind of 'lasts', 'farewell gatherings' and packing that, now we've come to our last day at work, it has rather crept up on me. Other than a (rather brief) move to university, Dave has lived in Hertfordshire all his life. I, on the other hand, am a bit of a mongrel and have zigzagged my way down the UK - born in Scotland; grew up in Lancashire; 'matured' in Hertfordshire and now heading for the hills, valleys and beaches of Wales.. when I'm done I think I'll just pop over the edge. Hertfordshire has been my home and place of work for just a month shy of 20 years and, whilst I'm not the most sociable of beasts (especially pre-morning coffee), I'v

Back in Herfordshire (for last few weeks of 'work')

Finished some bits off at Fronrhydd on our last full day there for now. Agreed with the polytunnel supplier the bits we needed to refurbish it and get a new cover. Plan on ordering so it arrives on or soon after 22nd April when we move in full-time. Did more digging over of the veg patches, and got in touch with the Valuation Office as I think we may be able to get a re-grading of our Council Tax. Packed up a few bits, plus the dogs, Saturday morning, and prepared to drive back to Hertfordshire. It had been raining all night and morning (hopefully nothing to do with what follows), and just as we were about to leave the power tripped out. We got all apart from a couple of circuits to come

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