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Back in Herfordshire (for last few weeks of 'work')

Finished some bits off at Fronrhydd on our last full day there for now. Agreed with the polytunnel supplier the bits we needed to refurbish it and get a new cover. Plan on ordering so it arrives on or soon after 22nd April when we move in full-time.

Did more digging over of the veg patches, and got in touch with the Valuation Office as I think we may be able to get a re-grading of our Council Tax.

Packed up a few bits, plus the dogs, Saturday morning, and prepared to drive back to Hertfordshire. It had been raining all night and morning (hopefully nothing to do with what follows), and just as we were about to leave the power tripped out. We got all apart from a couple of circuits to come back, but the lights & sockets caused it to continue tripping. Had no time to check anything properly, so had to leave it until we return later in April.

Note to us 'remember head torches'.

Journey back was fine, and we now have a couple of weeks in Hertfordshire before returning to Wales full time. Watch this space!

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