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Do Not Adjust Your Set!

A quick post to welcome two new arrivals to the Fronrhydd herd, Leaf (no horns) and Rosie

The two new ladies are most definitely not Boer goats, as those with a keen eye will already have spotted!

We have brought these two young dairy cross-breed ladies in with the intention of using them as milkers. Not much is known about them as they were rescued by the previous owner, but they do not appear to ever have had kids.

Hopefully, they will get together with our buck later this year, and have kids themselves. We will bottle-rear any kids they have, and milk these two ladies manually.

We will be able to put the milk to a number of uses. Initial thoughts are to:

  • Use it as stock for other kids where the mums are not able to produce enough milk themselves

  • Drink it ourselves instead of cows milk

  • Make cheese

We will have to wait and see how much we can get from these two before making any firm plans.

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