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12 Boys, 11 Girls

We finished kidding about 10 days ago but as our last Mum Gloria had quads I wanted to wait until I was confident that all would survive - delighted to confirm that all four are thriving! Since our last post we have triplets (Luna, Sybill and Colin) from Jade - and very pleased with them she was too. Luna had a problem with her back legs to begin with - bending inwards and outwards, poor little girl. Happily they strengthened up after 3 or 4 days and she is now leaping a goat kid. Jade's sister Jemima gave us two pretty girls - Bellatrix and Nymphadora (aka Bella and Tonks). Jemima is very shy and has been rather protective of her little ones though now out in the main are

Meet the Northern Lasses

We doubled our number of ladies in one foul swoop this week, purchasing 16 doelings (young girls who have not had kids yet) from the Cockerham herd near Lancaster. They have a large herd there, and have been going 17 years, so none of these girls arrive with names. They also haven't been handled any more than necessary so, unlike most of our current herd, these girls are nervous and skitty. We'll soon change that! Here are the new arrivals, with a handful of names that we have assigned so far.

A Pregnant Pause

So last time I posted we'd just had our first Fronrhydd kids courtesy of Gemini. Well....we, or rather should I say the ladies, have been busy since then! The current kid count stands at 11 and we have four more mums to go. We are still working with finger in the air due dates for two of the girls but think we don't have another due until next week (what's the betting one of them has gone into labour whilst I'm typing this). Good time to take advantage of the gap in the schedule and give you an update! Our other first timer JuJu was next to deliver - a boy called Lucky. Being a single, Lucky has been guzzling lots of milk and as a result is a big chunky boy. He is also very naughty (regularl

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