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One Man's Trash...

When you buy a 'normal' house you expect the previous owner to have cleared the garage out.. perhaps it is because we bought a small holding with its multiple outbuildings that we seem to have inherited an awful lot of 'stuff'. Now there is a pay off to having to deal with unwanted stuff, for instance, I have a life time's supply of plant pots and seed trays and (once Dave had got it going) the abandoned garden tractor was a real bonus. A skip was duly ordered and we've spent the last few days clearing out the garage, potting shed and large barn. Some items were fairly common place - mangy old chairs, broken strimmers etc. but the tea chest full to the brim with cat food tin lids was a bit o

Tits, Peckers, etc.

Don't panic, we haven't been hacked! We are just having a short ornithological interlude. We get a variety of Tits at the feeder, though my personal favoutite, the Long-Tailed Tits, have kept their distance so far, sticking to the trees around the gardens. The Blue Tits have raised their first family, and came in mob-handed. We also get Great Tits and Coal Tits as regular visitors. They are similar in size, but the Coal Tit is less colourful, with a less distinct black line down their chest. There are Chaffinches about, and the Sparrow families are nesting in the barns and shrubs in the gardens, and many are nesting in the ivy in the big barn. Many young Sparrows have been seen out with t

We only went to look at trailers...

But more on that later.... I hadn't thought much had happened since our last post but having jotted a few notes down it seems it has - here is a round up: House Sold! With much relief and a wee bottle of the bubbly stuff we celebrated the completion of the sale of our old house. So we are back down to one mortgage, one set of utility bills and no longer have the worry of an empty house hundreds of miles away. Having said that our lovely ex neighbours have been watching it for us and our next door neighbour Karen even mowed the lawns so that the new folks didn't arrive to a jungle - thank you Karen, you are the best! We approached the previous owners of the small holding to see if they still

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