Please do feel free to browse through our blog to get a feel for our first year or two here in Pembrokeshire.  For the current comings and goings, you will find regular updates on our Facebook Page

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Advanced Fieldwork

We were going to go to Fronrhydd on Good Friday to spend the week 'working things out', but plans were delayed by a day as my brother had a polytunnel to erect, which was too good a learning opportunity to miss as we have a big frame to refurbish in Wales. Good Friday was a lovely day weather-wise, much better than the following day as it turned out. We loaded up the BFG (our Toyota Land Cruiser) with as much stuff as we could, plus dogs of course. Debbi was going to follow me on her motorbike, hence the weather reference above. We chose a non-motorway route because bad weather was predicted, and Debbi had no desire to ride across the Severn Bridge in the wind and rain. It was dry but cold

Meet the Gang

Following are the 'landing party' moving in on Day 1 (21st April 2016) Dexter, the energetic youth element of the team. He thinks he knows what's best, but often ends up making poor decisions. Guidance will be needed! Tallie, for her looks! Sophie, the silent partner

Completion Day

Good things come to those that wait... 8 months to be precise. In those 8 months we experienced the joy of being given the initial thumbs up for our dream from the bank, the heart break of our first property falling through; renewed excitement at finding our second; a cardiac arrest near miss when the call from the bank to say the mortgage offer had been issued was initially misheard as "there is an issue with your mortgage", the frustration of land boundary negotiations until finally....Friday March 11th..Completion Day. We set off from Hertfordshire in convoy - Dave wielding a hired van packed with basic necessities and me following in convoy with the dogs in the 4x4. At our first coffee s

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