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6 Months In

So, for those of you who dream of a simpler life - I guess you want to know whether it is really all it's cracked up to be? Oh Yes! If you can, do it If you can't yet, plan to do it If you're not sure, come visit and see how we do it If you're too far away to visit, this is what Happy looks like:

The Badlands Trilogy - Part 3

The last piece of the puzzle was completed yesterday - we are FINALLY done! The barn end has been replaced and the roof capped so that the Pembrokeshire winter gales (hopefully) don't blow the roof off again. The knackered old doors have been replaced with two field gates which have been clad with composite boarding - we can open each of the gates independently - particularly useful in inclement weather when we can open the top gate only to let light and air in. We used two different contractors for the fencing. A small piece of fencing was required to effectively split the badlands into two and keep the goats out of the caravan. A bigger undertaking was to replace the perimeter fencing for

Here come the girls!

So a number of critical things needed to happen last week in order for us to be ready to finally bring goats to our small holding. Well, good luck was certainly on our side - the fencing was completed, the barn end doors (which are actually two cladded monster field gates) were hung, we both passed our exams to get our Certificate of Confidence which allows us to transport both goats and pigs AND we had another fab visit to Meg and Damian at Moat Goats to learn how to vaccinate and ear tag. With the trailer duly hitched, straw bedding laid and picnic lunch prepared we retired early, ready for a very early start on Sunday morning. Whether it was nerves or excitement, neither of us could sleep

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