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Mostly Fred

It hasn't been a terribly productive week, for all sorts of reason. The chief reasons being preparing for Fred, getting Fred, and ever since, being distracted by Fred. Fred being our 8 week old German Shepherd puppy, who grumbles a lot, and when awake takes delight in 're-locating' anything shoe-shape. Dexter (the Collie) and Fred are clearly going to be best friends, or more likely 'partners in crime'. They get on brilliantly already, and are quite clearly on a similar wave-length. Tallie on the other hand is not tolerant of any new arrival, and, as she did when Dexter arrived, gives the new boy grief if he gets anywhere near her. She is starting a tolerate 'it' a few days in, but won't

Taking Stock - One Month In

Has it really only been a month since we arrived, praying that by some miracle that the electricity had restored itself? Time to take stock. Sayings One of the house rules is that when things go wrong we will always attempt to see the funny side - from Aga disasters (see later), wonky fence poles to munched seedlings - all of these things have 'Gone Welsh'. There are of course, degrees of 'Going Welsh' - the shabby chic poly tunnel only went a little bit Welsh during restoration, but if the winter storms rip the poly off again then at that point it will have well and truly Gone Very Welsh. Elevenses rarely translates directly to the time of day that we stop for a break - it is more a loose a

Meet the Ladies

We took a trip out to see Sue and Justin at Pontgarreg Farm near Eglwyswrw yesterday, and came away with our first residents. They breed and show all sorts of Chickens, and it was lovely that they took time to show us round, and give us novices some basic do's and don'ts. After a night in their new house, I got Debbi up at 5:30 so we could let the ladies out, and introduce them to their new home. Margot and Babs (Good Life reference) were up and ready when we arrived, and were first out to check their new home. These two are Warrens, the standard egg layers often used in the big farms. Olive and Monica (after my mum and her sister) were still on their perch in the house, and opted for a mo

Chicken Run

With the poly tunnel complete (though we are not claiming a win until we have our first storm), we turned our attention to chicken housing. The previous owners kept their chickens in part of one of the barns - whilst it is well appointed and roomy, there is no enclosure for the chooks to roam outside. We didn't really want them scratching up the garden or (heaven forbid) the veg patch (have enough trouble with Dexter) so we decided to create a new chicken home. We have a small orchard which we figured would provide shelter from the elements and plenty of grass and scrub for our ladies to scratch about in. The unused chicken house will serve as an isolation pen for incoming livestock. So we n

A 'shabby chic' Polytunnel

In the vegetable garden at Fronrhydd we have the frame of a decent sized polytunnel, which lost it's 'poly' in the last winter storm. On inspection, we concluded just about all the wooden base rails (the bits the poly attaches to) were rotten or failing, though the frame itself is in pristine condition. We spoke to the tunnel suppliers some time ago, and worked out with them that we could replace the main side rails with aluminium versions that come with a simple system for attaching the poly sheets, and would last a long long time. We chose to go this route for a refurbishment of the tunnel, and ordered these bits, plus a new poly covering. The first 'adventure' was that to fit the new ba

Pork, Family, Welsh Cakes, Friends and a Hamper

Up early Friday morning to drive to the farmer's market at Lampeter, we had been warned by our friend Neil that 'market' was probably stretching it a bit and he was right - a total of three stalls on the high street! Fortunately we only had one interest and that was a stall run by a couple (Stuart and Angela Mason) who raise, butcher and sell meat from their herd of woolly pigs (Mangalitza's). We had been following the couple's page on Facebook for months and were tantalised by pictures of scrummy bacon, sausages, loins and chops. We had a great long chat with them - Stuart was a chef in a previous life and Angela had spent many years in the 'rat race', commuting into London every day. Their

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