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Meet the Ladies

We took a trip out to see Sue and Justin at Pontgarreg Farm near Eglwyswrw yesterday, and came away with our first residents. They breed and show all sorts of Chickens, and it was lovely that they took time to show us round, and give us novices some basic do's and don'ts.

After a night in their new house, I got Debbi up at 5:30 so we could let the ladies out, and introduce them to their new home.

Margot and Babs (Good Life reference) were up and ready when we arrived, and were first out to check their new home. These two are Warrens, the standard egg layers often used in the big farms.

Olive and Monica (after my mum and her sister) were still on their perch in the house, and opted for a more cautious start to the day - good to see them making full use of the facilities though.

Olive is a Pied Ranger, and Monica a Black Rock, both hybrids, but not quite as prolific as the Warrens, hence longer lasting (in theory).

I will excuse them the absence of eggs this morning, as they had a busy day yesterday.

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