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Crack open the champagne - we're pregnant!

Well...actually it will be Prosecco and when I say 'we', I mean the goats!

Steve from West Wales Scanning came this morning to scan our new ladies who we were hoping were in kid.

First to be scanned was Toffee who is one of our Boer x Anglo Nubians.. whilst we were of course hoping for a yes, we were a bit gobsmacked when Steve said 3, maybe 4! Next up was her sister Caramel...3! OMG!

Another 3 are carrying twins and the last two of the new girls are pregnant but will another scan in 30 days to confirm numbers.

So all 7 of our new girls are expecting (the 8th is LJ who is only a baby) - we didn't think the news could get much better...

Although very early, Steve scanned our two ladies Gloria and Tiggy who had been with our own boy Emperor. Emperor is not yet one and smaller than our girls - we had to, ahem, help him by positioning Gloria whilst he stood on a step to reach (the things you do), so we weren't expecting too much of him so soon.

Well Who's the Daddy - you are Emperor! Both girls are pregnant! They will need scanning again in 30 or so days but Steve thinks Tigs has twins.

Of course, not all may go to full term but at the moment we have 16 confirmed with possibly another 5.

We are absolutely thrilled to bits (particularly with Emperor) and a little bit scared. Fortunately for us - our mentors Meg and Damian at Moat Goats are kidding over Christmas and I think we'll be living in their barn for as long as they will put up with us.

Happy Days!

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