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Stocking Up

We have been continually on the lookout for additional lady goats, but it was beginning to look like we would not see many more until next year now.

Boer goats for sale is not a terribly common thing as most of these herds are being kept for meat, so commonly the ladies are kept in the herd, and the boys will be raised to slaughter weight. Young females for sale are slightly more common, and it was an advert for these that caught my attention.

I was very nearly too late as there was only one 2016 doe left, and it was going to take a 2-day road trip to Norfolk to get her. My luck was in though, as I had contacted Beckie just as they were considering advertising a few of their older girls due to space constraints over winter.

A special thanks to Beckie and Robin at Bure Valley Farm in Norfolk for trusting us with your lovely ladies. We will try and give them the excellent love and attention that they have got to date.

Right, meet the new girls

Nesta, Toffee and Caramel - the latter two are crossed with Anglo Nubian does, hence the 'different' looks.

Jade (in front), Jemima, Gemini (Jemima's kid) and Judy

and finally Little Jan (or LJ) - Toffee's kid

LJ was only born this year, though is bigger than most of our current kids. All of the other ladies we hope are pregnant, which means sometime in January we are likely to see our first kids being born - scary stuff!

All apart from Gemini and Judy have had kids before, and were all good mothers. Time to start reading up on Goat Midwifery skills I guess - excited and slightly nervous already!

The barn is definitely looking fuller now - I guess it is getting towards the time when we need to think about a 'barn extension'. Will the big jobs ever cease?

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