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You've got to be kidding!

Those of you who have been following our blog will know that Steve from West Wales Scanning came a month ago to scan our ladies. We had 14 kids confirmed with a further 4 girls in kid but it was too early to tell how many.

Steve came back today to re-scan.

First up were the affectionately named 'Cowgirls' - Jade and Jemima. They are the only two of our little herd who don't have horns and do rather lean more towards bovine looks! Just like last time, Steve's first words were "Do you want the good news or the bad news..." - Triplets for Jade! Jemima has fortunately received the memo that 2 is the magic number.

Then on to Tiggy and our oldest girl Gloria. These two were successfully served by our very own buck Emperor. Here we go again "Do you want the...." - Triplets for Tiggy.

Of course Gloria, being herd queen, just had to go one better.. QUADS.

So that brings the grand total of expected kids to 24, with a possible further one as Steve couldn't tell whether Toffee is expecting 3 or 4.

Basic anatomy - goats just have the two teats, some can successfully feed triplets, but I think we can be confident that we will have some, what our friend Meg so aptly calls 'Bottle Baby Velociraptors', on our hands.

The fun starts mid January. Any visitors are asked to bring soap, clean towels (we have hot water)..just kidding! Though, old fleece jumpers which can be made into kid coats would be a godsend...oh and a crate of Redbull!

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