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Piggy Arc de Triomphe

Fresh from this morning's successful mission to get a water supply to the 4 new paddocks in The Uplands, we were on a bit of a bacon roll (apologies if I ham this up a bit!)

We bought a pig ark a number of weeks ago, the component parts of which have been residing in the garage. Being too big to fit in the tractor bucket it was a bit of a swine to carry them up to the big field, but we put our snouts to the grindstone and once transported to the chosen paddock, the actual construction was a piece of porcine. 

We just need to take up the butler's sink that we found at the back of the barn, which will serve as a water trough, and we will be piggy ready!

It's been a busy day - I'm off to soak my trotters in a hot bath!

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