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The Uplands

Day 2 of the fencing work on the small field in our 'high lands' was greeted with much better weather than Day 1, and (miraculously) the workies arrived first thing to complete the job.

Bolstered by a fresh batch of Welsh Cakes, the work on dividing the field into four paddocks was completed by lunchtime.

A couple of pigs is the intention for one paddock, and we will rotate them round the field as and when a paddock gets demolished by said piggies.

We are still working on plans for the other areas, but thoughts are to further divide the biggest paddock into chicken pens. We need to move the egg-laying hens into one of these, and intend getting some 'chunky chickens' (meat birds) which we will raise for our own consumption.

In the mean time, if Debbi can't find a mucky German Shepherd, there is always a possibility he may have been accidentally left up there!

Work continued down next to the barn, where a gate and short length of fence was required across the 'badlands'. That proved no problem once they decided their tractor would go through the small gate. Something I had decided wasn't possible with my 'small' tractor, but they happily proved me wrong of course.

This just leaves us with completion of the Badlands Trilogy, and we will be ready for Goats. Unfortunately it appears the Aliens have intervened once again as the Badlands Workies disappeared on Saturday afternoon to make a gate for the barn, and have now been missing for 4 days! I'm expecting magnificent doors on a par with Hogwarts!

The work on the barn end, coupled with the fact that this area was the only access route to the Uplands, and complicated by a few days of rain, has left us with a new issue to resolve.

My next adventure will be calling on skills learned from Super Mario and Luigi, in that I need to get a water supply to the Uplands. How hard can a bit of plumbing be?

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