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Fronrhydd (April 2016 - a lot has changed since I wrote this!)

(Pronounced Vron-reeth for the foreign readers)

Is the smallholding we have bought in Wales.

If you look at SA62 5TL on your favourite mapping app it will normally point to houses on the road above us.  Look north and you'll see a clump of buildings surrounded by fields - this is Fronrhydd.  Access is via the track into the house area from the east.  We own the area inside the Red border.

The original white-painted single storey residence on the property was built in the 18th century.   The main house is a stone-built four bedroom house, circa 1860.  Unfortunately, the outside of the main house is rendered, and even more unfortunately it is painted baby-pink.

East side
West side
West side
North end
West side

There is a potting 'shed', garage, store room come chicken house (all stone built), a greenhouse near the house and a big barn of block and corrugated iron.  The 'modern' barn used to be even bigger, as in the past the property was the main house for a dairy farm.  The barn roof resembled Swiss cheese when we moved in, but that is all sorted now as it is used as the Maternity Barn for our kiddings..

To the north of the house, beyond the barn are the 'Badlands'.  A rough, mostly overgrown area, with a clapped-out caravan in situ.

On the remaining three sides of the house are gardens.  You climb up to get to the gardens to the south, which lead into a small orchard area containing a variety of fruit trees.  Exactly what trees, and how productive they are, only time will tell.

Alongside  the orchard is a large fruit & vegetable plot.  Well established by the previous owners, but in need of attention as one of our main start-up tasks.  The plot has a large poly tunnel (minus 'poly' right now thanks to storm Isobel (or whatever it's name was)), another task top of the list.  The borders of the veg plot are planted out with soft-fruit bushes - again not sure exactly what fruits, so will form part of this year of discovery.

Beyond the orchard/veg garden is the small paddock.  And finally to the west of the house is the main field.

So, the initial task list is not necessarily long, but there are some fairly hefty tasks on it.  We'll be doing anything we can ourselves, but won't be afraid to get proper help when needed.  Then we need to work out what animals, and how many of each we will be getting. Then we'll need to look at the field boundaries and deciding if we should divide it up at all.  Oh yes, and then work out how we are going to house and care for these animals.  And the....

OK, the task list is long after all.  Task 1 will be list everything and prioritise.


See you later!

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