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Producers of Quality Boer Goat Meat

Church Hillbilly have been building a Boer Goat herd since 2016 and can supply you with fresh or frozen Goat Meat, either direct from our doorstep, or by mail-order.

All of our goats live on our smallholding in Pembrokeshire, and receive the very best welfare standards.  All of our meat stock are bred by ourselves, we do not buy any kids in to rear for meat.  We have partnered with a local butcher to prepare all our meat, to keep 'food-miles' to a minimum, and also minimise the stress to the animals at that 'difficult time'.

Worldwide, goat meat is the most commonly consumed red meat, though in the UK it is still a more specialist product. Goat Milk is generally available from supermarkets now, and the dairy herds are starting to develop kids for meat. Boer Goats are different in that the breed has been developed purely for their meat, and we believe the quality of the meat from these goats is far superior.

Goat meat falls into two categories, and we like to use sheep as an analogy to help describe it.  Meat from older sheep is marketed as mutton, and the young meat as lamb. With goats, we talk about Goat Meat or Kid Meat.


Goat meat is best cooked longer - in stews or slow-cooked recipes for example. Kid meat is extremely versatile - a leg for a fantastic roast, mince for amazing meatballs, not to mention tender sweet cutlets and mouth-watering leg steaks.  See the Recipes pages for examples of meals we have tried.

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Fronrhydd, Letterston, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire

 SA62 5TL

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