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Alien Abductions

Getting workies round here to turn up and quote for fencing work takes patience and perseverance. But that is nothing compared to the fortitude required when waiting for said workies to actually turn up and do the erecting.

It has taken us at least 3 months to get something done. The first chap, we can only assume, has been abducted by aliens, and we were beginning to think the second had suffered the same fate, until a surprise call yesterday announcing they were to be here in the morning.

They duly turned up, got stuck in the mud, and used a combination of tractors to get everything up to the top field. And then stopped for breakfast!

A batch of Welsh Cakes helped to get them moving, and at the end of day one excellent progress has been made. The job should be finished tomorrow (as long as I do a fresh batch of Welsh Cakes I guess).



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